Joint meeting : the Galactic Center Black Hole Laboratory

This is our second Joint meeting co-organized with COST Action MP0905 "Black holes in a violent Universe".

Location : Granada - Spain


Dates : Nov 19-22, 2013

Website :

Official announcement :

Dear colleagues,

we full-heartedly invite you to participate in the conference

The Galactic Centre Black Hole laboratory

in Granada, Nov. 19-22, 2013.

We would like to review and discuss current observational and theoretical progress with regard to the Galactic Center Black Hole. This includes the "Gas cloud" observations, the Event Horizon telescope preparations, as well as theoretical approaches to describe Black Holes from the General Relativity, Quantum and Quantum Gravity perspective. Registration is open and all Black Hole scientists are highly welcome. Limited financial support is available. Please register by October 20, 2013.  Looking forward to welcoming you in Granada.

Silke Britzen, Andreas Eckart, Hervé Lamy & Antxon Alberdi.

Funding from COST Action MP1104 :

Our COST Action co-organizes this meeting and can fund scientists willing to participate and give a talk or a poster. Note that a contribution about polarimetry is required. If young scientists would just like to participate in order to increase their knowledge in that field, this is also possible.

Registration will be done through their website 

After the deadline for registration/funding request, you will be quickly contacted by either Hervé Lamy or Silke Britzen if you have been selected for funding by our or their COST Action.