The magnetic solar corona as revealed by polarimetry


Pic du Midi, with its historic record of observational excellence in astronomy, is today one of the only four remaining sites of observation of the solar corona with ground telescopes. In the wake of the successful demonstration of the COMP instrument at Sac Peak and Mauna Loa observatories of the measurement and interpretation of the polarization of coronal emission lines in terms of magnetic fields, and with the encouraging results from the COMP­S instrument and the Turin­CorMag at Lomicky Stit observatory, a new project has started to add polarimetric capabilities to the CLIMSO suite of coronagraphs at Pic du Midi. With the support of the Observateurs Associés this project aims at completing the amount of observables of the coronal magnetic fields by increasing the observing time and expanding the amount of observed spectral lines.

As a kick­off for this project we convene the interested community to a conference to present the project, and discuss on the instrumental, observational and interpretation aspects of the polarimetry of solar coronal magnetic fields.



The workshop took place at the IRAP (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie) headquarters in Toulouse from Nov 4th, Tuesday, until Nov. 6th, Thursday.



A. López Ariste (IRAP, France)

L. Koechlin (IRAP, France)
S. Fineschi (Univ. de Torino, Italy)
J. Rybak (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
S. Tomczyk (High Altitude Observatory, USA)
F. Auchère (IAS, France)
M. Faurobert (Université de Nice, France)
A. Bemporad (Turin Astronomical Observatory, Italy)



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Tuesday, November 4th


L. Koechlin. CLIMSO: The coronagraphs of Pic du Midi.




S. Fineschi. Space- and Ground-based Coronal Spectro-Polarimetry: Synergies


A. Rouillard. Probing the origin of solar energetic particles using combined remote sensing and in-situ measurements. 


A. Bemporad. Study of CME-driven shocks with remote sensing data:recent results and future prospects


A.K. Awasthi. Evolution of Self-organized criticality in the solar corona and its role in solar flare occurrence



Discussion:  Lessons learned from past and current ground- and space-based coronagraphs




Wednesday, November 5th



L. Rachmeler:   Large scale magnetic structure determination from coronal polarimetric (1074 nm) data.



J.-C. Vial: Is it impossible to measure the magnetic field in some coronal magnetic features ?



Discussion: Critical developements for interpretation

Discussion:  Prospects on Coronagraphy network and community building




Thursday, November 6th





L. Damé. ESCAPE: Extreme Solar Coronagraphy in Antarctica. 



G.Capobianco: Coronal Magnetograph (CorMag): A Spectropolarimeter for the study of the coronal magnetic fields.






Discussion: What new instruments?