Spectro-polarimetric experiments for remote sensing

 WG4 Meeting in Helsinki, 19-21 August 2013


Polarized light reflectance measurements are essential to empirically validate physically-based parameterization, to verify selected theoretical models, to provide ground reference data for the calibration of remote-sensing observations, and to support databases needed for data-analysis techniques. Exploitation of acquired experimental information is a valuable tool in target classification and quantification.

In the frame of the proposed workshop we invite researchers conducting reflectance measurements or using the measurement data. The primary focus is on the polarimetric characterization of test sites and targets, covering also angular, spatial and spectral aspects. Measurement techniques, modelling, and other use of measurement data can also be discussed, where related to polarimetric experiments. It is expected, that the workshop could lead to the organization of future joint measurement campaigns, raise a number of important applications and suggest novel retrieval algorithms by combining measured data obtained from different sensors.


Dr. Jouni Peltoniemi (FGI), Chair
Dr. Maria Gritsevich (FGI), co-chair
Prof. Karri Muinonen (FGI/University of Helsinki)
Dr. Hervé Lamy (BISA, Belgium)
Prof. Yurij Shkuratov (Astronomical Institute of Kharkiv V.N. Karazin National University, Ukraine)
Dr Evelyn Hesse (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
Dr. Maria Gritsevich (Chair)
Prof. Jouni Peltoniemi (co-chair)
Teemu Hakala
Heli Suurmäki
Dr. Jenni Virtanen
Hanna Pentikäinen (UH)
Dr. Cyril Simon Wedlund (FMI)



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Monday 19. August


09:30 Coffee break (sponsored by FGI)

10:00 Opportunity for spectropolarimetric measurements at FGI: overview of the laboratory equipment with demonstration

12:00 Lunch. Restaurant Pisara, Maslanportti, Eteläinen Salmitie 1

13:30 Opening (KM/JP/MG)

Welcome speech by FGI’s Director General Prof. Jarkko Koskinen 

Session 1. Laboratory measurements

15:15 Coffee break


18:30-21:00 Informal discussion: Ice breaker/Sauna at FGI

Tuesday 20. August

09:30 Coffee break

Session 2. Polarimetric aspects in observations

12:00 Lunch Restaurant Pisara, Maslanportti, Eteläinen Salmitie 1

Session 3. Modeling aspects

13:40 Karri Muinonen “Multiple scattering of light in planetary regoliths

14:20 Ghislain Franssens “Characterizing Mueller matrices in Polarimetry

15:00 Coffee break

19:00 Conference Dinner at Suomenlinna, “Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo” , Address : Suomenlinna c 1, 00190 Helsinki


Wednesday 21.August

10:00 Overview of the light scattering laboratory (Kumpula Campus, Department of Physics University of Helsinki) & closing discussion


12:00 Lunch (restaurant at the Finnish Meteorological Institute)

13:30 Helsinki tour (optional)

  1. Kati Anttila - Finland
  2. Alberto Cellino - Italy
  3. Mauro Focardi - Italy
  4. Ghislain Franssens - Belgium
  5. Maria Gritsevich - Finland
  6. Teemu Hakala - Finland
  7. Onni Järvinen - Finland
  8. Pavel Lytvynov - France
  9. Terhikki Manninen - Finland
  10. Julia Martikainen - Finland
  11. William Martin - UK
  12. Karri Muinonen - Finland
  13. Matti Mõttus - Finland
  14. Jyri Näränen - Finland
  15. Maurizio Pancrazzi - Italy
  16. Jouni Peltoniemi - Finland
  17. Hanna Pentikäinen - Finland
  18. Antti Penttilä - Finland
  19. Frans Snik - Netherlands
  20. Tuure Takalu - Finland
  21. Jenni Virtanen - Finland
  22. Evgenij Zubko - Finland
  23. Jarkko Koskinen - Finland
  24. Juho Eskelinen - Finland
  25. Aku Riihelä - Finland