Catalogs of (spectro-) polarimetric data

This page provides a list of links to existing catalogs of polarimetric (broad-band, imaging, ..) or spectropolarimetric data classified by type of objects and/or wavelength. We also provide links to papers discussing existing catalogs. 


The Sun


  1. Second Solar Spectrum (SS2) atlas at IRSOL




  1. Database of comet polarimetry
  2. Galileo Photopolarimeter Radiometer Observations of D/Showmaker-Levy 9


  1. Asteroid polarimetry data
  2. Polarimetry of TNOs and Centaurs



  1. PolarBase : a database of high resolution spectropolarimetric stellar observations
  2. HPOL spectropolarimetric observations database. Also available in the MAST archive
  3. 9286 Stars: An Agglomeration of Stellar Polarization Catalogs, article by C. Heiles (2000)
  4. The linear polarisation of southern bright stars measured at the parts-per-million level, article by Cotton et al (2015)
  5. The linear polarization of nearby bright stars measured at the parts per million level, article by Bailey et al (2010)
  6. PlanetPol: A Very High Sensitivity Polarimeter, article by Hough et al (2006)



Interstellar polarisation


  1. Interstellar polarization at high galactic latitudes from distant stars. VIII. Patterns related to the local dust and gas shells from observations of ~3600 stars, article by Berduygin et al (2014).


Active Galactic Nuclei


  1. A 3.5 mm Polarimetric Survey of Radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei, article by Agudo et al (2010)
  2. A simultaneous 3.5 and 1.3 mm polarimetric survey of active galactic nuclei in the northern sky, article by Agudo et al (2014)