Structure of the Action

MP1104 Organisation

Chairman :

Dr. Hervé Lamy (BE)

Vice-Chairman :

Dr. Mathieu Barthélemy (FR)

Grant Holder :

The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BE). Dr. Hervé Lamy will act as the Grant Holder Manager.

Working Group Leaders :

  1. WG1 (observations) : Dr. Arturo Lopez Ariste (FR)
  2. WG2 (Theory and modeling) : Prof. Javier Trujillo Bueno (ES)
  3. WG3 (Instrumentation) : Dr. Frans Snik (NL)
  4. WG4 (Laboratory experiment) : Dr. Daniel Guirado (ES)

Dissemination and outreach coordinator:

Dr. Daphne Stam (NL)

Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator :

Dr. Hervé Lamy (BE)

Financial rapporteurs :

Dr. Stefano Bagnulo (UK) and Dr. Daphne Stam (NL).

Management Committee (MC) :

Members of the MC can be found on the official COST webpage of the Action.

Steering Committee (SC) :

The SC is composed of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, the WG leaders, the Grant Holder Manager and the Dissemination and Outreach Coordinator. The SC is responsible for the management of the STSM applications.