Description and goals of Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

 One of the most important activities within a COST action is to provide financial support for scientific visits. Such visits are an important tool for the enhancement of the collaboration between scientists that work in polarimetry related research across Europe. Therefore, such visits are expected to contribute significantly to the strengthening of Europe's scientific networking capacity in the field of polarimetry.

These exchange visits, which in COST terminology are called as Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs), are expected to:

  1. strengthen current collaborative projects
  2. establish new collaborations
  3. obtain necessary knowledge for the application of new techniques
  4. use host infrastructures that are not available at the home institute.

The applicant could be either an undergraduate, PhD student, a PostDoc or a staff member. Both the home and the host Institutes should be located either in a COST participating country, or should be one of the Institutes from non-COST countries which have been formally accepted to be part of our Action. Support to visits between Institutes located in the same COST country is not allowed. The host and/or the home Institute of a COST participating country can be organizations of either the public or the private sector.

For the next call for applications to fund STSMs within this COST action please see the link Calls.