What does COST reimburse?

  1. Travel : COST reimburses all your travel expenses but the most economical solution should be used by the participant. For air travel only economic flights can be reimbursed. For trains first class tickets are eligible. There is a maximum of 1200 EUR. Documents shall be sent to the Grant Holder for reimbursement.
  2. Accomodation : COST reimburses at a flat rate of 120 EUR per night. It is a fixed rate but can be modified in some circumstances by the MC.  If this is the case, this must be clearly stated before the advertising of the meeting. Maximum number of nights is equal to number of days attended + 1 (before or after). Hotel invoice does NOT need to be sent to the Grant Holder.
  3. Meals (lunch and dinner, breakfast is included in the hotel rate) : COST reimburses at a flat rate of 20 EUR per meal (unless meals are provided by the local organizer). No need to send any document to the Grant Holder.
  4. Local transportation (tram, bus, ...) : below 25 EUR, there is again no need to send the receipts to the Grant Holder.
  5. Taxi : maximum 40 EUR (per leg) unless pre-approved by the MC. Receipts are mandatory.

Which are the COST countries?

In total, 36 COST countries (35 member states and one cooperating state) govern COST.

A cooperating state implies non-voting membership in the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) and in the Domain Committees as well as full member rights on Action level.

The 36 COST countries are : Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel (cooperating state), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Which are the COST neighbouring countries and what are their members entitled to?

Countries with reciprocal agreements with COST

Those countries are Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Once these countries have officially approved the MoU, scientists from these countries can participate to our COST Action.  They can apply for special funding to travel either to attend a meeting or to participate to a STSM. The money does not come from the grant of the COST Action itself. It is additional funding.

A member from a participating COST country can also apply to go on a STSM to these countries.

Details about the application process can be found on the COST website.