Instrument Name:Narval
Telescope:Telescope Bernard Lyot
Telescope Aperture:2m
Telescope Port:
Commissioning Date:
Polarimetry Type:spectro polarimetry
Stokes Parameters:I Q U V
Wavelength Range:370-1000nm
Modulator Type:Achromatic Rotating Retarder
Modulator Type Other: Fresnel Rhombs
Modulation Frequency:
Analyzer Type:Wollaston Prism
Analyzer Type Other:
Accuracy Zero Point:
Accuracy Scaling:
Wavelength Range:
Field of View:
Pixel Scale:
Pixel Dimensions:
Sensor Type:
Limiting Magnitude:
Coronograph Type:
Coronograph IWA:
Adaptive Optics:No
DM, Number of Actuators:
DM Type:
WFS Type:
WFS Update frequency:
Limiting Magnitude:
Wavelength Range:370-1000nm
Spectral Resolution:65000
Limiting Magnitude:12
Instrument Image:
Instrument Image Caption:
Instrument Reference Paper:
Known Issues:1-3% crosstalk between Stokes parameters
Instrument Contact:R. Cabanac
Instrument Website: (French)
Planned Upgrades:Neo-Narval, stabilisation 3m/s
Science Description:Stellar Magnetism
Target Types:Stars
Sample Image/Result:
Sample image Caption:
Sample Science Papers:Donati, JF, et al., 2008, Magnetospheric accretion on the T Tauri star BP Tauri, 2008MNRAS.386.1234
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