Title Author
Optical linear polarization of 74 white dwarfs with the RoboPol polarimeter Michał Żejmo
Calibration of the Liverpool Telescope RINGO3 polarimeter Agnieszka Słowikowska
Collisional line broadening versus Collisional depolarization: Similarities and differences Sylvie Sahal-Bréchot
Modelling the X-ray polarimetric signatures of complex geometry: the case study of the `changing look' active galactic nucleus NGC 1365 Frédéric Marin
Off-axis irradiation and the polarization of broad emission lines in active galactic nuclei Rene Goosmann
Polarimetric and spectroscopic observations of a dynamically new comet C/2012 J1 (Catalina) Oleksandra Ivanova
CCD polarimetry of distant comets C/2010 S1 (LINEAR) and C/2010 R1 (LINEAR) at the 6-m telescope of the SAO RAS Oleksandra Ivanova
The high optical polarization in the Be/X-ray binary EXO 2030+375 Pablo Reig
Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs. III. From uniform-density to clumpy regions Frederic Marin
Reflection nebulae in the Galactic center: soft X-ray imaging polarimetry Frederic Marin
X-ray polarization fluctuations induced by cloud eclipses in active galactic nuclei Frederic Marin
Prospects of 3D mapping of the Galactic Centre clouds with X-ray polarimetry Frederic Marin
SpS 5 – II: Stellar and wind parameters Fabrice Martins
Eigenfunctions and Green’s Function for Radiative Transfer Equation in Curvilinear Geometries Juris Freimanis
Spectropolarimetric monitoring of active galaxy 3C 390.3 with 6-m telescope SAO RAS in the period 2009-2014 Victor L.  Afanasiev
Polarization in Lines—A New Method for Measuring Black Hole Masses in Active Galaxies Victor L.  Afanasiev
Variability in spectropolarimetric properties of Sy 1.5 galaxy Mrk 6 Victor L.  Afanasiev
Preflight calibration of the Imaging Magnetograph eXperiment polarization modulation package based on liquid-crystal variable retarders Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo
Polarization degree and direction angle effects on a CdZnTe focal plane performance Rui Curado da Silva
Submillimeter Polarimetry with PolKa, a reflection-type
modulator for the APEX telescope
Helmut Wiesemeyer
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