Title Author
Polarized Radiative Transfer Equation in Some Geometries of Elliptic Type Juris Freimanis
Polarized radiative transfer equation in several astrophysically interesting coordinate systems
Juris Freimanis
Polarimetry of trans-Neptunian objects (136472) Makemake and (90482) Orcus Irina Belskaya
The theoretical impact polarization of the O I 6300 Å red line of Earth aurorae Veronique Bommier
The quiet Sun magnetic field: statistical description from THEMIS observations Veronique Bommier
Network velocity gradients in the photosphere. I. Modeling Guillaume Molodij
Fast inversion of Zeeman line profiles using central moments Pierre Mein
Hanle effect from a dipolar magnetic structure: the case of the solar corona and the case of a star Veronique Bommier
Solar magnetism eXplorer (SolmeX). Exploring the magnetic field in the upper atmosphere of our closest star Hardi Peter
Longitudinal magnetic field and velocity gradients in the photosphere inferred from THEMIS multiline observations Guillaume Molodij
New polarimetric constraints on axion-like particles Alexandre Payez
Line-interlocking effects on polarization in spectral lines by Rayleigh and Raman scattering M. Sampoorna
Modeling the quantum interference signatures of the Ba II D2 4554 Å line in the Second Solar Spectrum H.N. Smitha
Nature of the solar dynamo at small scales Jan Stenflo
Polarized line formation with J-state interference in the presence of magnetic fields: A heuristic treatment of collisional frequency redistribution H.N. Smitha
Bipolar magnetic regions on the Sun: Global analysis of the SOHO/MDI data set Jan Stenflo
Polarized line transfer with F-state interference in a non-magnetic medium: partial frequency redistribution effects in the collisionless regime H.N. Smitha
J-state interference signatures in the second solar spectrum: Modeling the Cr I triplet at 5204 - 5208 Å H.N. Smitha
Calibration of the 6302/6301 Stokes V line ratio in terms of the 5250/5247 ratio Jan Stenflo
Horizontal or vertical magnetic fields on the quiet Sun: Angular distributions and their height variations Jan Stenflo
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